Sb Pro is now available: advanced drag&drop page builder, 500+ blocks, memberships and more

Self Hosted Drag & Drop Website Builder & CMS



Build static HTML websites by combining pre-designed blocks together and export your site or publish it directly to a live server.

Block Approach

SITEBUILDER uses a block approach to building websites. Use pre-designed blocks (HTML elements grouped together) to built unlimited unique pages and sites.

Drag&Drop Builder

Use our highly advanced drag&drop interface to easily build your pages. Choose from the wide selection of pre-designed elements, or simply add your own elements, and get creative!

Edit Pages

Besides the drag&drop interface, SITEBUILDER allows you to customise your pages by editing things like content, images (using an image library), styling and links.

Nothing but HTML

SITEBUILDER does not use any complex template structure making it a pain to import/export sites. We stick with sweet ol' HTML, making it super easy to import/export and delivering ultimate design freedom!

Export Your Site

Once your happy with the site you've built, simply use the export function to export all your pages including assets like CSS, Javascript and images.

Live Publishing

Instead of exporting your site, you can also publish your entire site to a live server from within the application. Simply configure your FTP details and you're all set!

Receive    Updates

   Bundled Blocks

Comes with 36 professionally designed blocks to get you started! Need more? Simply extend SITEBUILDER by adding your own blocks!



Is SiteBuilder a CMS or a page builder?

Both! SiteBuilder comes with an intuitive drag&drop page builder which allows you to put page and entire sites together swiftly. Combined with it's built-in publishing feature, SiteBuilder can also be used as a basic CMS where you edit your site through SiteBuilder and them publish them online.

Can I add my own blocks?

Yes, you can. It's pretty simple and straightforward to add your own blocks (you do need to have a basic understanding about HTML and Javascript though). The included documentation describes the process of adding your own blocks in detail.

Will you be adding more blocks?

Maybe. If it turns out there is a lot of demand for additional blocks, we might provide updates which include additional blocks. There's no guarantee unfortunately.

I have run into issues, do you offer support?

We sure do. Our basic support is free and provided through our support portal found at

Are you available for customization work?

Probably not. We don't often take on such projects, however it can never hurt for you to try. If we're not able to take on your project, please consider having a look at Envato Studio.

Is there a Pro version

Not just yet, but this is in the works. This version will be aimed at professional developers and web designers, support multiple clients. If you wish to be kept in the loop regarding this version, please submit your email address or follow us on Twitter (@chillyorange).

Can I see the documentation before I purchase?

Yes, you can. There is an online version of the documentation which can be found here.

Are assets such as images and stylesheets included in the export?

Yes. When you export your site, all used assets such as images, stylesheets and scripts are included.